Kate Knight: A Force To Be Reckoned With

I've always been drawn to strong, powerful women so it's no surprise I naturally gravitated towards Kate. We initially met years ago at UWO where we connected through our Caribbean friends and soca/dancehall music. She's a take-charge, go-getter type of woman who has never let life's obstacles get her down. She's been to Tanzania multiple times as a youth to work in HIV/AIDS care, she's a talented aspiring actress, is certified in PR, plays on the Bahamian Women's Beach Soccer Team, and slays on a dance floor. More recently we've connected on other issues as well. When I started becoming more open about my sexual assault experiences, she also opened up about hers. We cried in the freezing rain at the Toronto #WeBelieveSurvivors rally after the Jian Ghomeshi verdict was announced. When I announced I was re-opening my sexual assault project from 2 years ago, she asked to be a part of it (see video below).

I'm still blown away (though not surprised) when I find that some of the strongest people I know have also conquered some of the most traumatic obstacles as well.

After each sitting for that particular project I always take strong, beautiful portraits of my subjects because I want to leave them with an awareness of their strength, power, courage and bravery. Kate is certainly a force to be reckoned with!