6:30 pm18:30

CONTACT Exhibit launch

Danielle Da Silva will be featured in an exhibit alongside Misha Masek, Gita Defoe and Kristi Odom in showcasing stories and images from Sumatra and Borneo. All proceeds will be donated in support of the Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuary. Danielle, Gita and Kristi are all co-founders of the Sanctuary and hope that through this exhibit they can educate the Canadian public about the importance of conservation, and the Sumatran jungle, for both wildlife and humans. 

Location: Boehmer's restaurant, 93 Ossington Ave, Toronto

Date & Time: Monday May 1, 2017 @ 6:30pm

2:30 pm14:30

TEDx: "Accelerated Evolution"

Danielle will be speaking at her second TEDx event, this time on the theme of "Accelerated Evolution." 

Location: TBA, Toronto

Date & Time: April 22, 2017 @2:30pm