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About Danielle Da Silva

Danielle Da Silva is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning photographer and director/filmmaker. She is Founder and CEO of Photographers Without Borders and is Co-Founder of the Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuary. She is also now a Sony Alpha Female Creator-in-Residence and is a partner of Profoto Global. Her mixed ancestry derives from Central/South Asia, Europe and Micronesia. She is also a land and water protector, humanitarian, coach/mentor, writer, and speaker.

Danielle is most passionate about using storytelling to connect people to themselves, to the earth and to all the beings we share life with.


Danielle has worked with hundreds of NGOs, travelling to over 80 countries, and learning more than 6 languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, some Swahili, Indonesian and Arabic.

By becoming more connected to ourselves, each other and the land, we start becoming the change we seek to create.

She is the recipient of the Canadian Top 30 Under 30 Sustainability Leaders Award, and was listed as number 2 in Matador Network's Top 17 Female Photographers of 2017 as well as their Top 5 Women Changing Media. She has been nominated for the 2018 Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award; she has also been nominated for Canada's Top 100 Powerful Women 2016, 2016 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards, and the 2015 Women in Biz Social Good Award. She won the Ontario Volunteer Service Award for over 10 years of Community Service in 2017 and was recently also named “Woman of the Week” at Women’s Post. She was also a founding Co-Chair of the Dandelion Initiative, a non-profit dedicated to creating consent culture and ending violence against women. 

Storytelling allows us to visualize and manifest new possibilities.

Danielle has Honours Bachelor of Science Degrees in Conservation Biology, Psychology and Global Studies from the University of Western Ontario; she also has an MSc. in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics. She has published research in the book Climate Governance in the Developing World (Held, Roger & Nag, 2013) and completed a distinguished Master's dissertation exploring the psychology of climate change messaging. She is also an instructor at Fleming College for the Environmental Visual Communications post-graduate program taught at the Royal Ontario Museum. 

Danielle has created several short documentaries, some of which have earned awards at film festivals internationally. Danielle is known for her portraiture and documentary photography; her images have been published by the British Journal of Photography, National Geographic, the United Nations, The Independent, The Economist, and the book Cities, Slums and Gender in the Global South: Towards a Feminised Urban Future (Chant & McIlwaine, 2016), among others. Danielle is currently working on her first feature-length documentary.


Danielle is warm, knowledgable and leads from the heart, making her a captivating mentor, coach, consultant, educator and speaker. Danielle will be speaking at the National Geographic “Exodus Aveiro Fest” in December 2019. One of Danielle’s first major lectures was a TEDx talk called "Grassroots Narrative," and she has since gone on to do a second TEDx talk called "Connection is the Key to Conservation."

Danielle loves to spend time reading, writing, painting, singing, meditating, and playing her ukulele with her two adopted chihuahuas, Max and Whisper.

For speaking engagements, please contact Danielle’s agent Deborah Benson at deborah.b.walsh@gmail.com

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